You belong.

Liberty Resources advocates for equity and access for people with disabilities. This means we also advocate for equal rights for all, including our diverse Consumers, staff, and partners. Our family spans disability, race, ethnicity, country of origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, and religion. We value you because of the uniqueness you bring.

Hold us accountable.

We put our quest for diversity into action. Here are ways Liberty commits to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • Pay equity. We review pay equity bi-annually to ensure equal pay for equal work. 
  • Flex schedules. We work with you to make your hours fit your life. Liberty also offers hybrid and remote work options.
  • Fair treatment. We chart objective metrics to evaluate staff and reduce bias in promotions.
  • Staff leadership. Our staff drives Liberty’s ongoing pursuit of equity. Liberty’s Staff Advisory Committee fosters DEI engagement throughout our workforce. 
  • Supplier diversity. We are proud to support minority-owned business partners. See our supplier diversity policy.
  • Accessible office. Our space features design exceeding ADA standards to accommodate people across all disabilities. 
  • ASL interpretation. We provide ASL interpretation for staff events. 
  • Inclusive bylaws. Liberty’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is written into our fundamental rules. See our bylaws.
  • Ongoing learning. We are constantly listening and teaching to ensure staff and Consumers enjoy a respectful and inclusive environment. Tell us what you want to see!

Maisha Elonai

DEI(A) Officer

Maisha Elonai pioneers’ diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility initiatives at Liberty Resources, Inc. She provides guidance and advice to the Board of Directors, C-Suite, and staff on creating a workplace accountable for measurable equity. Whether establishing policies, practices, or trainings, Maisha’s focus is to advance Liberty’s commitment to the disability community by making that mission inclusive of intersectional identities within and without the workplace.

Maisha is a Pennsylvania-licensed attorney with more than 10 years of legal experience serving marginalized communities. She graduated from Penn Carey Law School and received her DEI certification from Cornell University. Prior to her legal career, Maisha worked in print journalism. She is currently a volunteer with Disability Pride Pennsylvania.