Consumer Success Stories

Norma’s Story

Norma transitioned out of the nursing home on September 19, 2017. She was first admitted 4 years ago for a ruptured hernia that put her in a coma. Once she regained health, she truly yearned for her own home and felt very isolated. Norma decided to put everything in God’s hands, and believes that He led her to Liberty Resources and the NHT team. Now, she is happily living back in her home in the community, with her daughter as one of her Attendants. Her ultimate goal is to become a drug and alcohol counselor.

Richard’s Story

On February 2015, Richard was admitted to the nursing home to receive care for his diabetes. Because of his disability, he was not able to move back to his previous home. In June 2015, Richard contacted LRI inquiring about Nursing Home Transition services. He requested LRI assistance with finding an accessible apartment for himself and his elderly father. In July 2016, after obtaining the required documentation for housing and being approved for Social Security benefits, LRI staff begin to assist Richard and his father with identifying an accessible apartment. He was able to obtain a housing voucher and approved to move into a new 2-bedroom accessible unit. He then made the decision to turn in his voucher and accept the new 2-bedroom unit. In November 2016, Richard transitioned to his new apartment with his elderly father. His father is currently working as his attendant.

RD’s Story

Tracy’s Story

Tracy had been living in an inaccessible one bedroom unit on the third floor. He was admitted into the Philadelphia Nursing Home for his diabetes, which made it difficult for him to walk up and down the stairs of his apartment building. In February 2016, he contacted Liberty Resources and another organization to get funding assistance with paying outstanding bills from his old apartment. Although LRI could not assist with paying his outstanding bills, LRI did assist with finding affordable and accessible housing. In July 2016, he was able to transition back into the community. Tracy strives to help other Consumers who faced the same barriers that he did. He is currently on the list to become an official Community Advocate here at Liberty Resources!

Jean’s Story

Jean is a former resident of Pennhurst, who has also lived in several Community Living Arrangements (CLAs). What made her choose to live independently? “I can do what I want. I answer to no one but me. I also felt that I was ready to have more responsibility.” Her biggest concern about living independently was that service providers would intrude and start making her decisions for her. “I found out that I could handle it; keep my own apartment, do my own finances, everything. Everything I’ve wanted, I’ve done.” Jean works as a Community Advocate at Liberty Resources. She visits persons living in nursing homes. Jean has also been involved in LRI’s other advocacy efforts. Most recently, she prepared testimony against an effort aimed at keeping institutions for persons with mental disabilities open. Jean feels strongly that all institutions should be closed. She dreams one day of publishing a book about her experiences. Jean feels that the most critical issues facing the disability community are housing and health care. “Persons with disabilities should have more say. We are not outsiders.” Jean feels that Liberty Resources’ role in the community is most critical when a person first decides to move from an institution. “People need services to get on track, where they need to be.”

Karen’s Story

Karen, who has Cerebral Palsy, is married and has three children. She has been living on her own since 1991. Liberty Resources assisted Karen with her transition from a nursing home, where she lived for five years. Prior to living in the nursing home, Karen lived at school. She feels that this experience prepared her for living independently. Since her transition from the nursing home, Karen deals with “general, everyday concerns”. Finances are always a concern. Karen received transitioning services from Liberty Resources, and is currently receiving Attendant Care Services. She has a message for others considering the transition from a nursing home: “Don’t be scared to do it. Liberty Resources’ role is to educate and assist people who know nothing about independent living.” Karen is an activist. She is a member of ADAPT and coordinates Consumer Connection at LRI. She is currently most concerned about the passage of the Community Choice Act.