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Attendant Care

The Attendant Care Program is a critical Consumer‑directed independent living service. Attendant care significantly increases a person's ability to work, live, and attend school independently in the community.  Its focus is to provide a Consumer with assistance and maintenance of activities of daily living.  These include personal hygiene, transferring to and from a motor vehicle or wheelchair, meal preparation and eating, as well as household chores such as shopping, laundry, and light cleaning.  Liberty Resources was one of the original Project Demonstration Sites and was awarded a contract when the Commonwealth established the Attendant Care Program statewide.  Consumers are offered a continuum of choices regarding the control they have of their services. 

a. Agency Option 
With this option, Consumers utilize a home health agency that hires, trains, pays, fires, and assigns the personal assistants to the Consumer. 

b.Consumer Option 
With this option, Consumers are free to take charge of any and all aspects of their personal assistance services including recruitment and termination of their attendants. 

c. Combination Option 
Consumers also may combine the agency and Consumer options for delivery of their service. 

d. Attendant Care Registry
To assist Consumers with locating prospective personal assistants, Liberty Resources maintains two Registries: one for Philadelphia and one for Delaware and Bucks Counties. These registries list names and other pertinent information of trained personal assistants seeking work.

To be eligible for Attendant Care, the disabled person must:

  • be physically disabled/mentally alert;
  • be18 through 59 years of age;
  • have a daily need for basic personal care (see below);
  • experience any physical disability which can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months;
  • be capable of selecting, supervising, and, if needed, firing an attendant; and be capable of managing his/her own legal and financial affairs.

Read more about the Attendant Care Program.

If you applied to the Attendant Care Program but were found ineligible, read more about your right to appeal.

What happens if you are over age 60?

LRI is now contracted with PCA (Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging) to provide continuous care to our Attendant Care Program Aging Consumers in Philadelphia.  When a Consumer turns 60 years old, she/he “ages out” of the under 60 funding stream.  Previously, our Consumers would have to transfer to PCA to continue his or her services.  With the new contract between LRI and PCA, our Consumers have the choice to stay with LRI or transfer to PCA for services.  

In addition, LRI is now a PAS provider for PCA Consumers being served under the Options Program and the PDA Waiver.  When PCA enrolls a Consumer in the Options Program or PDA Wavier, the Consumer is given a list of PAS providers.  Based on our contract with PCA, LRI is now one of the listed PAS providers.