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Resources and How to Use Them

When a disabled person decides to live independently in the community, accessible housing, transportation and attendant care are the basic ingredients that are key to the recipe for success. Often when a person approaches Liberty Resources for support, the right way to use the service is as important as the service itself. Liberty Resources was designed by us, for us, as a clearinghouse for information on maximizing the independent living of people with disabilities in the Philadelphia Area. Liberty advises people to go about the business of living with a “rights bearing attitude”. Contained here are several essays and articles to inform the community about their rights.

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Online Post Request

This form is to be used if you would like to submit a resource or upload a photo to one of our online portals. You will have the option to choose whether it is posted on the website, Facebook page, or both. Please keep in mind that only related and informative resources will be posted. It will be posted within a 2 day window.