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Wellness Rising

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Members of the Wellness Rising classes


Wellness Rising is a new program offered at LRI. Coach Natalie and Coach Pascale teach adaptive yoga and circuit training classes that are open to Consumers and staff. They also offer classes on nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Wellness Rising endeavors to be a leader in inclusive wellness for people with disabilities in the Philadelphia area, regardless of ability, age, income or background. Through individualized attention and support, we build stronger, happier, and healthier communities.

Members of LRI’s Wellness Rising program participated in the Philadelphia Department of Public Health‘s video as part of their initiative: Get Healthy Philly. Check it out here and take a Movement Break!

Meet the Coaches

Natalie Hicks, Circuit Training Coach Natalie Francis is a creative, dynamic and energetic Integrative Health Coach and Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). She possesses a deep passion for health, wellness and performance/life coaching. Natalie is skilled in creating engaging exercise protocols for individuals of various fitness levels and abilities and she creatively inspires individuals to make lasting lifestyle changes. She is also deeply committed to helping people change their mindsets and their lifestyles from the inside out via wellness and life coaching. Natalie’s intended outcome with her clients is for them to be their best selves so they can live happy, healthy, fulfilling and inspired lives.

Pascale Vallee, Yoga Instructor
Pascale Vallee is a certified yoga instructor and an avid power lifter. She has been practicing yoga for nearly 10 years and teaching for almost 5. She is passionate about creating inclusive, welcoming space for all members of the community, particularly working with the LGBTQ+ community. Pascale has experience cross-training athletes and has taken continued education classes on adaptive yoga for people with various disabilties. She is dedicated to spreading the idea that practice, support, and motivation we are capable of anything.

Contact Coach Natalie at nataliefrancis@libertyresources.org or Coach Pascale at pascalevallee@libertyresources.org for more information. Follow them on Instagram and request to join the Facebook group!

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