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Healthcare and Medicaid Alert

Although the ACA replacement didn’t pass in March, the GOP could still destroy your services. Here’s what you need to know:

Medicaid, which is an entitlement program, will remain an entitlement but this bill (AHCA) will change the funding for the program. Presently fee for service , which means you get what you need, will become a Per Capita Cap, so this means the federal government will give the states less and less funds each year to help states with paying for the Medicaid costs.

Under Per Capita Caps, less Federal funding for Medicaid, will mean you can still can go to a nursing home to live.  But your services in your home will be cut, this bill will cut hours, services, case management, change eligibility so less people will be eligible to live in their homes with services.

What to do: call your US Senators Toomey and Casey and your US Representatives now. If you don’t know who to call, contact Liberty Resources at 215-634-2000. Help save your services now!

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