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Advocacy Alert: Vigil at Toomey’s office

An overnight vigil will be hosted by SEIU at Senator Toomey’s office, beginning at 3pm tomorrow, Thursday June 22nd to tell Toomey’s office to keep its hands off Medicaid! No cuts, no caps, no block granting. Thursday is also the Olmstead Anniversary, which is the Supreme Court decision that people with disabilities should be able to live in the least restrictive setting possible versus living in an institution. Please go to the Vigil anytime from 4pm to around 3am. 12 GOP senators plan to pass some version of the AHCA before July 4th.  The time to Act is NOW!

Vigil at Toomey's1 Vigil at Toomey's2 Vigil at Toomey's3 Vigil at Toomey's4 Vigil at Toomey's5 Vigil at Toomey's6 Vigil at Toomey's7 Vigil at Toomey's8



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