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Stephen Gold

is an attorney who specializes in civil rights and represents only persons with disabilities. Besides representing numerous individuals with disabilities in discrimination lawsuits, he has also represented ADAPT and NOT DEAD YET, as well as other national and local disability organizations. Among his many legal accomplishments, Mr. Gold successfully brought the first “curb cut” lawsuit, Kinney v. Yerusalem, and has been recognized as the”Godfather” of the Olmstead Supreme Court decision.

Locally, he represented Project HOME in its Federal Fair Housing discrimination case against Philadelphia for refusing to provide a reasonable accommodation to the zoning code so a warehouse could be renovated and used to house disabled people experiencing homelessness. Aside from his fight for accessible housing, Mr. Gold has worked on para-transit cases, physician-assisted suicide prevention, and cases where children with disabilities were not granted equal access to the same amenities as children without disabilities. His Information Bulletins, which have a national circulation of more than 8,000 advocates and persons with disabilities, have dealt with housing, nursing homes, education, and medical assistance.

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