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About Us


Liberty Resources Board of Directors

Theresa Yates

Theresa Yates

Ms. Yates has been a consumer of LRI since 1989 when she made the transition to independent living. She lived there for nine months, until she moved into her own apartment. Theresa attended Community College of Philadelphia to major in Business Management. She was a member of DIA/ADAPT and demonstrated at different actions locally, statewide, and nationally. She has been a community advocate, volunteer of LRI, and employee in the Independent Living Services Department, and is currently a member of Independence EDGE Studio as one of their writers.

Liberty Resources Board of Directors

Michael Bencrowsky, Chair
Cassie James Holdsworth, Vice Chair
Stephen Kibbe, Treasurer
James Goodwin, Secretary
James Curran
Aiko Dorr-Dorynek
Thomas Earle, CEO
Brandon Ezekiel
Stephen Gold
Sarita Kimble
Eric McNeil
Evan Moores
Jerry Morelli
Brenda Pedro
Iva Peterson
Jimmi Shrode
Deborah Russell
Erik von Schmetterling
Marsha Thrower
Joseph Yaskin
Theresa Yates, Member at Large

If you are interested in becoming a member of LRI's Board of Directors, please download, complete, and submit a version of the Board Application:

.pdf version
MS Word version
Text only version

If you're unable to view .pdf files, don't worry! You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader right from the Adobe webbsite by clicking here.

Mission Statement
Liberty Resources, Philadelphia’s Center for Independent Living, advocates with disabled people, individually and collectively, to ensure our civil rights and equal access to all aspects of life in the community.